Lakshmi & her bonding with Murali

The bonds and connections humans make with the cows are unique; very unique. If you ask us, that relationship is special and can’t be equated with any other relationship in the World. Whenever our team visits villages to propagate the Dharma of saving & serving cows, we do get to hear a lot of such stories of connections & bonding on man-cow relationships.

We always loved to listen from people who talk about their cows with their eyes wide & heart open. Probably one who had cows at their homes can better understand the emotions in these stories. Here is the story of Lakshmi & Murali. Lakshmi’s owner Sri.Murali is an IT youngster from Bengaluru. He had been practicing organic farming in Pudhukottai area in his own interest and travels once in a month to supervise the activities.

Lakshmi, the white desi cow is the resident mother cow of his farm. Her byproducts (cow dung & urine) had been used on the farm as a manure. Sadly, even after multiple attempts of mating, Lakshmi didn’t get pregnant. Medicinal treatments didn’t yield good results. Murali’s men at the farm were skeptical on Lakshmi and had been telling Murali to sell Lakshmi off to a butcher. Murali never agreed to do that as he knows it’s not dharma to do so. At the same time, he also understood the diminishing attention & care for Lakshmi from his farm men.

Murali came to know about our Vedics¬†Gosala through a Whatsapp forward message and he contacted us. We readily agreed to take Lakshmi in. Murali, in one way, is relieved that Lakshmi is saved from butchers but felt very painful to part Lakshmi, as she has been serving his organic farm needs since then. Murali had developed a special bonding with his cow and he was all tears when he came to our Vedics Gosala to drop off Lakshmi. Though Murali visits our Vedics Gosala regularly and spends time with his ‘Lakshmi’, it was that tear-shed moment which once again made us appreciate the bonding & relationship we humans have with cows. It’s unique! It’s very special! Well, that’s why she is called as ‘Lakshmi’ of our homes!

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