The Inspiring Story of Kamalavalli

The Inspiring story of “Kamalavalli”: As a cow care rehabilitation center in Trichy, Vedics Foundation closely works with Veterinary hospitals, animal activists & Honorary Animal Welfare Board Officers in the region. One such officer in Trichy, who is well known for his decade-long work in this field of caring for animals, rescued this beautiful little calf in the picture who was wounded in a road accident.

She was brought to our goshala as “Jyothika” and we re-‘krish’tended her as “Kamalavalli”. She was hit by a vehicle so hard that her leg bone was broken making her ‘crossed-leg’. We had an option to do an open surgery to join the bones but that means tearing her skin more which once again might increase the chance of infection bringing down her whole immunity. The pus in her wound had already started spreading to the other parts of her leg and we dropped the idea of surgery. Even after 2 weeks of medication, the pus didn’t stop and we had to literally press the swollen part and take out at least 50ml of pus twice a day. It was so bad that our volunteers got used to the pus getting splashed in their faces occasionally. After consulting with various other doctors, our regular Veterinarian lost hope and suggested to “keep her happy” as long as possible. However, we continued our regular medication & dressing.

We were indeed sad, prayed to Sri Ranganatha wishing for a miracle. One of our volunteers is a ‘Yadhava’ himself, whose family is well known for treating such wounded cows for generations. He took this as a challenge, put his mind, body & soul into the matter and spent his entire time providing special care for Kamalavalli. We utilized the sling machine (seen in the photo) to the fullest extent to provide physiotherapy and helped her take little steps slowly. Believe it or not, our vet had a huge smile when he visited after a month to witness the miracle of, Kamalavalli happily grazing along with her friends. Though she has a permanent disability with a crossed leg, she walks & hops with her 3 legs and still continues to stay with us. It is calves like Kamalavalli who motivate us to push our limits and inspire to serve more cows & calves. Oh! we forgot to share that incidentally, the name of our volunteer who made this miracle happen is “Rangarajan”!

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