Bold, Brave & Beautiful – Lakshmanan

“What comes to your mind when you hear the name “Lakshmanan”? Bold, Brave, Beautiful, Devoted figure? Our resident Bull Lakshmanan is full of these qualities and hence we named him so. Lakshmanan was hit by a heavy vehicle and got wounded near the Tollgate area in Tiruchirappalli District. He got badly injured in his legs and reached our Srirangam cow care centre the next day of his injury.

Our animal rescue heroes had to shed a lot of sweat for loading/unloading him from/to the ambulance. Our volunteers still remember those panic moments when we brought him to our Vedics¬†Gosala on a fine morning. Lakshmanan was shedding blood in his legs, not allowing anyone to even touch him and was as fierceful as he can! Time flies ! We can’t believe it’s 2 years already since all these happened!

Lakshmanan did recover after a month and is now a ‘Chamathu’ resident bull. He still sometimes plays hide & seek with us, makes our volunteers run after him. Whenever we admit a 300+ kg injured cow or bull as an in-patient in our cow care facility, we used to wonder “How are we going to handle such a big one ?!”. But then we see Lakshmanan for a moment and gain back the confidence to move forward ! As you know already, it’s not easy to handle such large animals, that too when they are wounded and fierceful. But when they happily recover & walk back again, we feel it’s all worth it ! All glories to the ever merciful Swami Manavala Mamunikal & Swami Ramanuja, the Avatara of Sri Adi Sesha & Sri Lakshmanan himself !

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