About Us

Vedics Gosala is a humble attempt by Vedics Foundation to provide an abode to the cows and aims at rehabilitating cows that are injured, unproductive, diseased, orphaned, abandoned and those that are rehabilitated from the slaughter house.  This is also a network of cows husbandry that have dedicated and committed group of volunteers who can help you map the nearest cow shelter for any kind of aid. We aim at providing shelter, medical care, food and guidance regarding any cow issues. With enough support and brimming energy, the Gosala now ensures everything a cow needs.

Making a Home
Sufficient Food Supply

How we came into the picture?

Our quintessential trait pushes us to picture a can of milk as we hear the name “cow”. That is the first thing we wanted to not happen.  While we’ve been practiced to do so, let us forget that for a moment. We wanted to make sure that milk is the least expected of a cow.  Then what is the need for us to shelter cows? What happens when we get injured? What if we fall down or hurt ourselves a little? We run to get the first aid. Or if it’s a little major, we rush to the nearest emergency room. What if the same happens to a cow? The caretaker of the cow might be equipped to meet minor injuries, by either treating it at home or by taking him to a veterinary doctor. But what if it needs to be taken care like an inpatient? There are neither such hospitals that caters this need nor the caretaker has the money to do so.

Another category is the case where the cows are that are injured stopped milking. Or they become too old to offer milk and provide farming assistance. And we “legally” start calling them unproductive. This makes them a burden to the caretaker. The same goes with the bulls when they no longer help us with the agricultural activities. These push the owners of these cattle to sell them to the slaughter houses which pockets them a good amount of money. The increase in the number of meat eaters and fast food places explains increased demand for meat. The reduced transportation costs ensure good money to the cow owners which is favorable to them. Now, this is where we come into the picture. We take the responsibility of taking care of such cows and guarantee them care and attention instead of diverting them to slaughter houses. We strive to produce productive outcomes from such “unproductive” cows.

Mission and Vision

We aim at creating a hospitable environment for the cows that have been left uncared. We not only take in cows into but also provide a call-center like a feature that provides guidance on cow-sensitive issues. We offer contacts to the Goshala that is the nearest to one’s location, provide temporary ailment suggestions and ideas. Nurturing the cows has been a pleasure from the age of Shri Krishna. Yashodha Mayya wasn’t wrong while she sang a warning note to Krishna with her “Maadu meikum kanne, ne poga vendam sonnen” because she knew the love the cow returns will make him forget the dawn and dusk. Setting an example, He inspired us in doing the chore that derives joy and delight only.