Kumudhavalli – It’s not about the numbers !

Kumudhavalli ! Evlo Azhagaana paeru illa ?  The image shows our team of volunteers dressing the wounded calf “Kumudhavalli”. She met with a road accident while trying to cross the road looking out for a greener pasutre on the other side of the road and got a severe injury on her left hind leg. After few weeks of medical care at our goshala in Srirangam, she completely recovered and was given for adoption.

Our cow care team toured the length & breadth of Tamil Nadu visiting many goshalas & cow-centric organic farms. We strongly believe that cows are ideally supposed to be with farmers and that’s where they belong to. Even if they are grazing in the farmland only for few months, they are healthy & happy. They are not supposed to be tied with ropes all the time and should be allowed free to roam everyday. 

We, as a cow care centre never intend to plainly increase the number of cattle in our goshala. It’s not about the numbers. As the one like Kumudhavalli, her injury was cured through our free medical care, a proper caretaker (farmer) was identified, background check done on him to ensure he will take care of the cattle properly and then she was given for adoption. We also periodically visit and check back her status. Only those that are with a permanent disability (like Kamalavalli) or a chronic disease stay with our Vedics Foundation Goshala until their life.

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