Dharma Prevails – The arrival of Krishna & Balram !

It has been 3 years since we started serving the needy cows. Clearly, we became the ‘Go to guys’ (pun intended) for injured cows in this area. This is true at least in Tiruchirappalli district where we have set up our cow care centers. We hardly get to deal with people who buy/sell cows, since our focus is only on non-milking & injured ones.

Until recently, we were pre-judicely thinking that the brokers and the businessmen who buy/sell cows are cruel. But for our surprise, one such businessman (who buys Desi cows in bulk from Rajasthan & Gujarat and sells here to dairy farms & individuals) called us last week and requested us to accept two Gir cows along with their newborn calves. Both the mother cows fell ill after delivering the calves, produce very little milk, won’t eat properly and are less immune.

He had tried treating them for two weeks but no improvement found. The gentleman clearly told  us that he doesn’t want to sell them for slaughter.  We were delighted to hear such dharmic words from a businessman. He also expressed his inability to nurture them properly and we readily accepted to treat them. He sent both the cows & calves to our Srirangam Gosala for in-patient treatment. Both cows along with their male calves are under treatment now in our Srirangam Cow Care center, “Azhagiyamanavaalan Aa Nirai Koodam“. We named them ‘Devaki & Krishna’ and ‘ Rohini & Balram’.

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